How To Get International Real Estate Financing

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How To Get A Loan For Overseas Property

Looking to buy or invest in property overseas but finding it difficult to secure financing?

We can help you with international property and business financing.

We will be pleased to help you get a loan to finance your overseas property.

It doesn't matter what your international financing requirements are.

If you have been turned down by traditional lenders or banks, we can help. Our funding terms are deal dependent.

Any upfront fees charged will depend on deal, and amount requested per proposal.

Up front fee charges are a one-time fee per project in need of funding.

We pride ourselves in using creative ways to provide the financing you require during these challenging economic times.

Common International Real Estate Investment Limitations

Depending on the country where your chosen real estate market is, securing funding for such an undertaking may prove more of a challenge.

Mortgages are not easy to secure especially if you are a foreigner, lacking knowledge on the local market's retail banking operations.

You could also be susceptible to paying higher interest rates, and large down payments up to 50% of the property's value.

There is also high taxation, and minimal opportunities to exit the market, in case you want to sell the real estate property.

Some countries also require a life insurance policy for the mortgage, and naming the bank as a beneficiary.

Mortgages from banks such as bank of America international mortgage, or Citibank international mortgage, and most U.S.A based international mortgage lenders, are not easily accessible to foreigners.

Buying land in a foreign country may prove costly due to numerous fees and taxes, all of which could increase the property's sales price by as much as 10%.

There may also be lawyer fees, notary and registration fees, and real estate agent's commission.

It is crucial that you do research and know the local laws and limitations, with regards to foreigners buying real estate in the country.

Consult a qualified real estate professional and a property lawyer in the country of your intended purchase.

This will help make the process easy and ensure your property rights are equally protected.

Why You Should Invest In A Foreign Property

A property especially real estate is a lucrative investment with a potential for future growth.

Why should you invest in a property abroad?

Earn foreign income

If you are planning on diversifying your investment portfolio, having property in a foreign land can help lower the risk profile of your investments, and earn you some foreign currency.

Financial security

Having a property in another country makes it easier for you to access credit in the country and also serve as security, for any financial services you may need in future.

Easier retirement budget

Owning a foreign property means you are able to retire in whichever country of your choosing, and still have enough disposable income to retire and live comfortably at lower average living costs.

What To Consider Before Buying An International Property?

Before buying a property abroad, you need to take into consideration;

Living Costs

Choose a country that has comfortable costs of living. It is best to go where the cost of living is less than where you are currently residing.

Property Ownership Laws

Make sure to have the rights to own property in a country before investing. This is a measure to safeguard your future investments.

Taxation Liability

Know how real estate taxation works in a country before investing funds on a property.

Poor tax planning rob you of your investment, if you do not take early precautions.

Available Financing

Funding a foreign property can be costly, and may take a lot of time. Undertake good research and proper preparation.

You should carefully evaluate all available financing sources at your disposal.

Decide what is in your best interest, and gives you an advantage.

Flexible Exit Strategy

Have a good, flexible exit strategy when you feel ready to move abroad.

Give yourself time to adjust to your new reality, before you make investments overseas.

Research the location's legal requirements

Make sure to research the necessary legal processes, and documentation required for you to own property. This is a must do for foreign nationals.

How To Buy A Foreign Property

You want to invest in a foreign property? How can you buy a property overseas with international home loans?

Below are some of the best tips to consider before getting a loan to purchase a home, or a commercial real estate investment property in a foreign country;

Research and choose a location to invest in

Do your research and make better informed decision about the location. Help from local professionals may come in handy.

Know the location's real estate trends and history

Property trends and history vary in different locations. A good research on the history and the types of properties, can give you a good indication of the potential for growth of the property.

Research the location's market forecasts

Hire the services of a local economists and financial expert. This will help you know what is expected of the country.

You want to buy a property in an area with growth potential.

How To Finance International Real Estate

Property Developer Financing

Buying many pre-construction properties in a development area or real estate may qualify you for property developer financing, depending on the country of your chosen investment.

Property developer financing may be interest free, has no age restrictions or life insurance requirements, and usually involves minimal paperwork.

You may be required to make payments on fixed dates, monthly, or as per each construction stage.

Cash Purchase

Buying property abroad by paying cash may help you get the best price, discounts and many other benefits.

Buying using cash is better if the property is already developed and not under construction.

If you pay cash upfront for a property under development, you stand the risk of having the project delayed due to unforeseen problems.

You could also end up spending much more on the property.

Funds From A Self-Directed IRA

Planning to buy a property abroad and have funds in your self-directed IRA?

You may be able to use funds from your IRA to purchase the property and use it as a rental or as an investment.

In contrast to common IRAs, funds from a self-directed IRA can be invested in a wide category of assets, including local and overseas real estate.

You can use the funds to pay for the real estate property and maintenance expenditures.

It is best to seek the advice of a qualified tax specialist and or real estate lawyer.

Get advice on the risks and possible implications of using funds from your self-directed IRA, to invest in foreign real estate.

Hard Money Loans

Planning on purchasing a property overseas but lack financing?

A hard money loan may just be what you need to secure your international property.

Hard money lenders offer loans up to USD $10 million or more for foreign investments.

This can help you fund the purchase of your dream properties abroad.

Terms for hard money loans usually vary depending on the lender.

The collateral is often the property you plan to buy.

The value of the property will determine the amount of hard money loan you will get.

Hard money loans may be as much as 65-75% or even up to 100% of the property's value.