Examples Of Hard Money Lenders

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Hard money loans for real estate investors is based on the value of the property being used as collateral for the loan.

The loan is not based on the credit scores of the borrower.

Banks do not issue hard money loans.

The loans are issued by private individuals or lenders that see value in this type of risky financing.

The higher costs and tough hard money loan requirements is often offset by the fact that the borrower tends to pay off the loan quickly.

A borrower can pay back the loan within a period of one to three years.

Hard money lending is a business model that can be practiced as an income generating alternative investment.

Hard money are provided by investors that are interested in leveraging real estate transactions to yield a greater return, than conventional forms of investing.

The investors are usually real estate savvy and enjoy the benefits of providing private financing with relatively small risks.

Hard money transactions are sufficiently sheltered behind a tangible property and the equity.

Hard money loans are beneficial for both parties since the borrower enjoys fast turn-around that is needed for their property investments.

The investor enjoys a greater return for the loan advanced. Get exclusive access to hard money loans for real estate investors and loan requirements.

Benefits Of Hard Money Loans


A hard money lender is less concerned with your credit scores, income, or bank statements.

You simply need to put up an asset as collateral to access the loans quickly.


Hard money loan agreements are more flexible since lenders do not rely on a standardized underwriting process.


Provided you have a collateral, a hard money lender will give you a loan amount equal to the value of the investment property you are purchasing.

Other Uses For Hard Money Loans

We have funding sources that advance hard money loans to our clients at competitive market rates.

We accept hard money loan requests for;

  1. Acquisition loans

  2. Bridge loans

  3. Development loans

  4. Gap financing

  5. Interim financing

  6. Mezzanine financing

  7. Short-term credit resolution

  8. Project rescue funds for emergency situations

  9. Factoring of accounts receivable

  10. Raw Land

  11. Bridge Financing

  12. Construction

  13. Bankruptcy Discharge

  14. Refinance

  15. Equity Recapture

  16. Pending Foreclosure, and Poor Credit / Late Pay etc. will be considered.

After approval, fast funding in days when needed. Any type of commercial real estate project is accepted.

Credit challenges not a problem, and all requests will be considered.

Hard Money Loan Terms

Loan amount: $3 million up to $50 million per project.

Duration: Loan decisions can be made within 24 hours from the receipt of the required items and documentation needed by underwriting.

After loan approval and depending on the lawyer's time to draw up the loan agreement or contract, financing can occur within 3 to 7 days or longer.

Loan Term: 1 to 12 months or longer

Loan to Value: 50% or more, depending on the asset/collateral.

Interest Rate: from 13% to 20%; Points can range from 6 to 10, depending on the specific property, the borrowers credit, and the loan amount.

Terms: The funding parameters, specific terms, timing, and costs will be based on the business analysis, overall risk assessment, strength of the project, and the principals.

Since our sources are very competitive, the principals' project will receive the rate and terms it deserves.