Project Financing

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What Is Project Financing?

Project financing is the long-term funding of infrastructure, industrial, and public services projects based on limited recourse financing, with the projected cash flows from the project used to pay back the debt or equity.

How Project Financing Works

Below is a list of methods and steps for project financing;

  • Project identification

  • Project feasibility study and analysis

  • Project sources of technology selection

  • Project financing companies’ selection

  • Project risks mitigation process

Which type of projects are suitable for project financing methods?

Our project financing methods can be used to finance projects that do not rely on normal export financing security package.

Our project financing investors and lenders provide finance to foreign governments, financial institutions, and established corporations.

Start-up Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $1 million

Startup loan with no real estate & loans for business startup in any industry that will include owned real estate as collateral. (Available worldwide)

Airport & Airline Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Airline industry & airport loans, loans for acquisition of an airport or airline, refinance an airport or airline, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy. (Available worldwide).

Film & Television Production Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Loans for Film and TV productions (motion picture productions, TV productions, a slate of production). (Available worldwide).

Mining Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Loans for existing mines, new mine construction loan, acquisition of an existing mine. (Available worldwide).

Refinance Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Existing business refinance, land refinance, rental property refinance, commercial property refinance. (Available worldwide)

Hotel & Resort Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Operating hotel loans, refinance of a hotel, acquisition of a hotel. (Available worldwide).

Land Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Land acquisition loans, land purchase & construction, land refinance. (Available worldwide).

What Projects Do We Offer Funding For?

Our investors and lenders offer equity and debt financing for;

Loans against Stocks, Bonds or Precious Metals & Stones

Minimum Funding Amount: US$10 million

Loans against corporate bonds, stocks, CD, T-Bill, CMO, diamonds, Gold, select marketable precious metals & natural resources. (Available worldwide).

Business Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: US$ 1 million

Existing business loan, covid-19 relief collateral loan, purchase order financing, acquisition of an existing business, refinance an existing business, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy, invoice factoring. (Available worldwide).

Construction Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $1 million

New real estate construction and already under development construction loans. (Available worldwide).

Real Estate Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $1 million

Real estate development, acquisition of commercial property, construction of real estate. (Available worldwide).

Acquisition Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $1 million

Business acquisition loans, rental property acquisition, commercial property acquisition, land acquisition, hotel/resort acquisition, healthcare acquisition, mine acquisition, church acquisition. (Available worldwide).

Rental Property Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Acquisition of rental property, construction of a rental property, refinance of a rental property. (Available worldwide).

Equipment & Truck Loans

Loans for heavy equipment for USA based companies, owner operated truck purchase, existing business with real estate, truck title loan.

Healthcare Industry Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $3 million

Healthcare business loans, healthcare facility new construction, refinance of a healthcare business, refinance of a healthcare facility, acquisition of a healthcare business, acquisition of a healthcare facility, chapter 11/7 or CCAA bankruptcy. (Available worldwide)

Bankruptcy 11/7 CCAA Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $1 million

Loans for USA based businesses who have previously filed for chapter 11/7 bankruptcy or CCAA. Debtor in possession (DIP) financing options.

Church Loans

Minimum Funding Amount: USD $10 million

Existing church loans and acquisition of a church. US$10 million minimum for International church loan requests. (Available worldwide)

What Other Types Of Funding Are We Able To Help You With?

If you need a loan, you can choose from any of our loan offers.

We can also help you with;

  • Purchase order financing

  • Revolving credit lines

  • Secured bridge funding

  • Acquisition funding

  • DIP and Exit funding

  • Inventory loan

  • Real estate financing

  • Cash flow loans

  • International real estate financing

  • Loan guarantees

  • Asset based loans

  • Conventional factoring financing

  • Healthcare providers financing

  • Letter of credit funding

  • Equity participation funding

  • Equipment purchase financing

  • Construction loans

  • Unsecured personal loans

  • Mezzanine funding

  • SBA loans

  • 144A Bond financing; a fast, low cost, non-recourse way to fund many type of real estate and non-real estate projects for US$10 Million or more (No CAP).