Get Financing in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Submit Funding Request

Send us your details such as your full name(s), e-mail address, phone number (include international dial code +), a brief summary of your business or project, your location (Country), and the exact amount of funds you need in USD ($).

Submit Your Funding Request Here! or alternatively you can contact us

Step 2. Due Diligence Process

Our consultancy services partner will undertake the due diligence process and email you more information on the next steps and instructions needed to move forward with financing.

You will be asked to submit any supporting documentations including a business plan, financial statements or net income projections, executive summary, PPM, and any other relevant documents to aid in the review, and quick processing of your financing request.

Step 3. Funding Review & Assessment Decision

Your funding request will be reviewed in a fair and timely manner. Either way, we will let you know if we can or will not be able to help with your financing request.

Step 4. Get Funding

Once your funding request is reviewed and approved, you may get financing offers from some of our private lenders and accredited investors each week. Review terms and conditions of the funding offer(s) received.

You can negotiate and either approve or decline each financing offer(s). You will get funded once you reach and sign an agreement with a private lender or an accredited investor in our database.


What is the maximum funding request amount?

There is no maximum funding request amount meaning you can request any amounts. Financing requests worth up to billions of US ($) dollars are also accepted.

Is there an upfront fee?

There is a one-time upfront fee charged. Depending on the nature and urgency of your financing requests and as part of the due diligence process, we will refer your funding request to our consultancy services partner for review. They charge a one-time upfront fee depending on the amount of funding requested.

Please check with our consultancy services partner's website or customer service emails for their fees structures and terms of service.